#EarthdayStreet2014 #LA

On Sunday, April 20th, in celebration of Earthday 2014, street artists, at three different locations in Los Angeles, made earth inspired art for the community to enjoy.

Responding to a call by Artist Andrea LaHue aka Random Act, The Gabba Gallery, @Che_2a (Adam) and GuirillaOne along with Sportie LA answered with walls to paint on.

The Gabba Gallery hosted 7 artists in the back lot, next to the gallery behind 7-11, these artists included:

Teacher (@teach_art_one), MD MN (@madmanart), Septerhed (@septerhed), Peter Greco, Andy Knights (@brancheslikefingers), Thrashbird (@thrashbird13), Renee Gagnon (@renegagnon), Sarah Sandin (@sarahsandin), Cody Lusby (@codylusby), The Bleep Bloop (@thebleepbloop), Ostro (@thegabbagallery) and Jules Muck (@muckrock).

Che_2a procured some walls in South Central Los Angeles  just East of Arlington on 48th where Phobik (@phobikgod), Able Leba (@leba), Septerhed (@septerhed), Moncho1929 (@moncho1929), Jules Muck (@muckrock), Thrashbird (@thrashbird13), _hero_ (@_hero_), Murdock (@_murdock1_), RottingFresh and killyrslf_1 (@killyrself_1) created in honor of Earth.

GuirillaOne and SportieLA provided the FAMEYARD on Melrose for Andrea LaHue aka Random Act to head up a group of 7 artists creating Earth inspired pieces.  These artists are: Jennifer Korsen (@humansmakeart), The BleepBloop (@thebleepbloop), Spattah (@spattah), Andrea LaHue aka Random Act (@AndreaLaHue), Bandit (@banditstreetart), happyyarg (@happyyarg), Kiosk (@Kioskart) and MD MN (@madmanart).


I wanted to extend a huge thank you to all the artist who participated in this first ever #earthdaystreet event.  It was a wonderful day and I am so grateful for all the inspiring art created with such heart.

A special thanks to Jason Ostro of The Gabba Gallery and Adam (@che_2a) for making the calls, wrangling the artists and documenting for this event.  Thank you to Eddie at GuerrillaOne and SportieLA for the walls in the FameFest lot.

I also wanted to thank all the street art lovers and photographers whom we all appreciate and are grateful for.

Please feel free to contact the artists via instagram.

Be kind to Mother Earth.

This event was conceived and organized by Andrea LaHue aka Random Act for the community via her non-profit.  Please consider contributing by following the link for further art and community inspired events.




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