Talking to the Animals: and RAWR at The Gabba Gallery

The Animals were out yesterday at The Gabba Gallery!

The Gabba Gallery and Random Act Projects had a LIVE animal demo from Charlie and Lin of   It’s funny how the whole thing started… with a little fellow named Sasquatch, or Sassy, a little baby Eastern Gray Squirrel.  He had fallen out of the tree in front of the gallery and within a day, was headed to to grow up with a brother, approximately the same age.



#Sassy the #Sasquatch #squirrel is going to ma...





Sassy at the Halfway House
Sassy at the Halfway House

Apparently he has a learning disability…. but they are working with him to try to keep him free.  We are so happy he made it, and if his destiny is to be a tool for learning, well then we are confident he is in the best possible hands.


The first animal that came out of the crate was a majestic Hawk named Queen.  A Harris Hawk, I believe… they will sit on a cactus and stack on top of one another, hunting jack rabbits in unison.

Queen the Harris Hawk with Charlie
Queen the Harris Hawk with Charlie

Next Lin brought out Jake the Gopher Snake and Charlie brought out Serena the Rosy Boa… neither are poisonous and they shed their skin whole, about once a month.

Jake the Gopher Snake and Serena the Boa
Jake the Gopher Snake and Serena the Rosy Boa

Next came the two Ferrets, Tinker and Belle.  They were super chill, illegal in California, as they would devastate the quale and weasel population, which would cause further devastation up the food chain.  They are not found in the wild.

Tinker and Lin from
Tinker the Ferret and Lin the Human from

Cute little Bushy the Opossum came out next.  I saw him when he was no bigger then the palm of your hand, wrapped around Mollie, the Directors, neck.  He was so darling then.  Opossums scare and faint easily, being as gentle as they are.  They are the only marsupials in North America, and have 13 nipples, for their 13 pups.

Bushy as a Baby
Bushy as a Baby


Bushy at The Gabba Gallery
Bushy at The Gabba Gallery

Next came Fidel Kestrel, the Kestrel, one of the many birds I am inspired by.  Kestrels look like hawks, but much smaller.   They hunt alone, but are known to hover and diver very very fast.  They are made for speed.

Fidel Kestrel
Fidel Kestrel and Friends at The Gabba Gallery

Last, and to a our great surprise came The Barn Owl Dancer.  Owls are silent fliers and have incredible hearing and eye sight.  They are made to hunt silently in the dark, keeping our rodent population at a healthy level.  Because of this, and the food chain, it is very important to use humane ways to catch rodents.  If you poison them, you poison the owls, hawks and any number of animals who eat mice and other “rodents.”

Charlie and Dancer at the Gabba Gallery

After the animals, we had a raffle with prizes that included prints, dog lessons, dog photographs, an art blanket, a visit to Natureof and more.  Blick Art Supplies was there giving away art supplies and providing us with colored pencils to color with.  We had printed sheets with artworks to color on from Septerhed (@septerhed), Moncho 1929 (@moncho1929), Jennifer Korsen, (@humansmakeart) and myself, Andrea LaHue (@andrealahue)… there was also a cartoon sketch artist there to sketch kids of all sizes.

Here’s a group of pictures of that part of the event.

A huge thank you goes to Jason Ostro, Jamie Becker, and Emma for opening up The Gabba Gallery and all their hard work and ever kind hearts.  It was a wonderful event.  A huge thank you to Charlie and Lin for bringing the to us, and Mollie, the director for all she does for those in her care.

A special thank you for all who came out on Sunday and donated to the door and raffle.

Here is a list of contributors to the raffle, for which we are very grateful. visit for two
Mary Hanson White Tiger fleece art blanket
Pamela Corey Photography: Pet Photo Shoot
Dick Blick 2 baskets of art materials
Seedles Eco friendly flower seed balls
Andrea LaHue : Two Fine Art Prints

For more information about, sign up for their newsletter, it’s really fun to read.

Check out some art at this link  As always, we are grateful to Social Perrier, Wonderful Nuts, Hanson’s Lemonade and ips chips for their contribution to the show and gallery.

If you want to know anything more about Random Act Projects… check out the ABOUT link above.


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