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I have refocused my efforts on my painting practice.

Please look to my website aLaHue.com for more information, or my Instagram @andrealahue.  I will occasionally be writing about events, as with this blog.

Please follow the link below for the official Random Act Projects site for the partnership with The Google Cultural Institute Street Art Platform. We documented Street Art and Murals across Los Angeles and beyond. Highlighting the Street Art Photographers view and other relevant people and projects. https://randomactprojects.culturalspot.org/home

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Andrea LaHue aka Random Act


Bandit Bridges the Gap with LA Street Artist in Residence

unnamed (1)

Directly from the Press Release:
San Clemente, California:  Bandit, in association with Street Artist in Residence, presents the “LA Residency”.  More than twenty of Los Angeles’ finest and most recognized street artists unite in San Clemente to bring you an incredibly unique exhibition of exquisite eye candy.  Widely known as an artist residency program for international street artists, SAiR is opening it’s doors for the first time to Los Angeles based Street Artists.  “LA Residency” will open at House of Trestles on Friday, July 28th, 2017 and run one weekend only through July 30, 2017.

Confirmed artists include: WRDSMTH, Megzany, Teachr, Balloonski, Morley, Jason Ostro, Andrea LaHue, Free Humanity, Bandit, Adam Casper (explosive eideaz), Cyrus the Virus, Karin Lindberg Freda, Simply Sara, Earl Lee, ShadowMonsterBear, John Ashbaugh, Sketchy, Killyrslf, tsmoke, Pastey White, Mr. Romano, Flat Earth, Mr. Felix.

House of Trestles is located at 2717 S. El Camino Real, San Clemente, CA 92672

Special accommodation packages are being offered to guests of “LA Residency” at House of Trestles, home of the Street Artist in Residence program. Come for the art, stay at the beach.  Skip the traffic, take the train from Union Station to San Clemente.  For more info and availability, go to www.HouseOfTrestles.com/laresidency

About Bandit: Working primarily in the Downtown, Skid Row, and South Central neighborhoods, Bandit’s art is a fixture of Los Angeles’ streets. Bandit’s increasingly intricate murals and stencils aim to confront his viewer with the most arresting socio-political issues of our time. Bandit has over 500 pieces to his credit and has collaborated with many notable LA contemporaries.  Instagram:  @BanditStreetArt

About Street Artist in Residence: Street Artist in Residence is a 501c3 nonprofit artist residency program established in 2017.  SAiR is dedicated to maximizing exposure for international street artists, enhancing the pedestrian experience with public art, and creating a unique experience for artists during their residency. Residencies range from 30-90 days, during which time artists stay on-site at the House of Trestles and interact with fellow world travelers, in the beautiful beach town of San Clemente California. Website:  StreetArtistinResidence.org  Facebook and Instagram: @StreetArtistInResidence

About House of Trestles:  House of Trestles is a Bed & Breakfast & Surf Hostel, steeped in San Clemente Surf Culture and Street Art. Located on Surfer’s Row at  within walking or bike riding distance to 16 local breaks, including world famous Trestle, the project consists of five Team Rooms, designed by local surf companies, including Lost Surf Boards, Rainbow Sandals, Ripcurl, Vissla & Catch Surf. When not used by the surf companies the Team Rooms are open to the public and provide a unique connection to the surf industry and their team riders. Website: HouseOfTrestles.com

Street Artist & Residence
@ House of Trestles
2717 S. El Camino Real,
unnamedSan Clemente, CA 92672

Street Artist in Residence Board 
Joshua Host (Co-Chair)
Bandit (Co-Chair)
Julie Faith
Paul Szoldra
Karin Lindberg Freda
Executive Director: Jeremy Roach

Did you get an email from “Colour in Your Life TV Show” today?

Colour in Your Life

(images appear on scammers email)


For the third time in 6 years, I was contacted by an Australian “artist” named Graeme Stevenson OAM (Order of Australia?) and his “TV Show” Colour in Your Life.

It seemed like a scam the first time around, but the second time, I wrote back, and he called, all the way from Australia.  Stevenson told me that for a mere $6000, he would create a show around me and my work.

Knowing that “pay to play” is unethical, and PBS would not be involved with something so egregious, I contacted them.  Here is the tread, with their response, the second paragraph highlights their answer.

Dear Andrea,

Thank you for writing to PBS.

A number of businesses and charities have contacted us to ask us about a purported relationship with producers of various television programs carrying titles such as American Milestones, The Journal, Biography, Giving Back, Learning About, and Vision Media or programs introduced by Joan Lunden, Hugh Downs, or other celebrities. Based upon representations made by the producers, the businesses are sometimes led to believe that the producers are associated with PBS and that PBS intends to distribute or otherwise endorse their programming.

PBS wishes to clarify that it is not associated with and does not endorse, distribute programming for, review underwriting for or otherwise have any business relationship with the programs named above. It is also important to note that PBS producers do not solicit fees from individuals or organizations in return for inclusion in their programs.

Other programs that PBS is not associated with include: American Milestones, American Artists Television, American Review TV, Biography, Business Break TV, Business Trends, Eco Planet TV, Event Media TV, Evergreen Entertainment, Family Television Studios, Food For Thought TV, Giving Back, Global Learning Series, Global Television Studios, Great America (with Hugh Downs), Health Line (with Joan Lunden), Healthy Path, Heroes of Hope, Infinity Media Group, In Focus (with Martin Sheen), Insights, The Journal, Lifeline, National Report Series, Paradigm Media Group, Platinum Group, PMG, PMGTV, Public Television Distributors, Roadshow Productions, Trivue Entertainment, United Media Communications Group, Vision Media, Vision Media Television, VM Television, VT Media, VT Media Productions, or World Progress Report.

In addition, PBS is not a production entity; we do not assist in the direct production of programs. We acquire previously completed programming or enter into production agreements with a variety of independent producers, and we only work with experienced production entities.

Thank you for contacting PBS and I apologize for this misunderstanding.



PBS Audience Services

On Mon, 4 Apr at 11:29 AM , Andrealahue <andrealahue@gmail.com> wrote:

We received this message over the weekend. Have you all heard anything about “Colour in Your Life”?



Marcia A. Apperson

Assistant Director, PBS Ombudsman’s Office


From:andrealahue@gmail.com [mailto:noreply+d1c9218a95cdbe18@formstack.com]
Sent: Saturday, April 02, 2016 4:01 PM
To: Ombudsman
Subject: Ombudsman Feedback Submission

Formstack Submission for form Ombudsman Feedback Form

Submitted at 04/02/16 4:00 PM

Name or Initial: Andrea LaHue
City and State: Los Angeles
E-mail address: andrealahue@gmail.com
Message: Hi, I was contacted by a Graeme Stevenson regarding being on his show “Colour in your LIfe”, pitching his show as appearing on PBS stations throughout the United States, and asking for $6000 to be on the show.
This seems more like an advertisement to me, and not editorially sound or ethical, not something I felt PBSwould get behind.
This is why I am writing you today. I have not found anything about his show being on PBS, and feel it is a scam. Here are some links: https://www.colourinyourlife.com.au/
Please advise,
Andrea LaHue
Permissions: You may post this with my name.
Terms | Privacy
Copyright © 2016 Formstack, LLC. All rights reserved.
This is a customer service email.

Formstack, LLC
8604 Allisonville Rd.
Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN 46250

All artists, please, check the legitimacy of every “offer” you get for exposure.  If you have to pay for it, it is likely, not legitimate.

Be careful out there.



Cartwheel Art » Event coverage: Sanctuary created by FUTURE TONGUE and NEW GUARD THEATER COMPANY

Source: Cartwheel Art » Event coverage: Sanctuary created by FUTURE TONGUE and NEW GUARD THEATER COMPANY

This show is fantastic.  See my write up for Cartwheel Art at the link above.

Cheers, Andrea

SYNERGY | Artist Andrea LaHue aka Random Act I Street Art Flowers I Los Angeles

Synergy was the main takeaway from both collaborative shows in May.   Here is a link for a pdf of the works in the RIVER TO THE SEA show

Source: SYNERGY | Artist Andrea LaHue aka Random Act I Street Art Flowers I Los Angeles

Check the link above for more information.



Street Art for ACLU: Artsy Benefit Auction 2017

Here is some information from the page on Artsy for the ACLU auction:

Street Art for ACLU: Benefit Auction 2017

Bidding closes Apr 30 7:00 PM EDT

ACLU of Southern California + Artsy present Street Art for ACLU: Benefit Auction 2017, featuring Shepard Fairey, Colette Miller, Knowledge Bennett, and more.

For nearly 100 years, the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) has been our nation’s guardian of liberty, working in a multitude of ways to preserve the individual rights and liberties that our system of governance was established to provide. In the current political climate, the importance of the ACLU’s efforts is manifold. Art, specifically street art, has long functioned as a political tool—even impacting international politics in profound ways.

We have gathered over forty significant contemporary artists—the large majority of them street artists—to raise awareness for the ACLU and generate support for the organization’s invaluable efforts.

Bidding will be open exclusively on Artsy and will close at 4:00pm PST on April 30th, 2017 (7:00pm ET).

Here is the link to the auction.


There Came a Great Freedom A LaHue

Art and Activism: The Laguna Canyon Project | KCET

the_laguna_canyon_project_applying_the_skin_for_the_tellIn 1980, an environmental art project inspired residents to take charge of their own destiny and prevent the construction of a 3,200 unit housing community in Laguna Canyon, California.

Source: Art and Activism: The Laguna Canyon Project | KCET


Activism, yes!  Click on the link above.


David Zinn “Dream Chalk Creatures” – Street Art 360

crazy-hair-day-by-david-zinn-2Here i think is one of the most poetic and sensitive artist’s  the Street Art scene has ever had!  David Zinn is a self-taught artist living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. David  has been drawing on walkways for many years, using chalk and anamorphic bending to bring his imaginary and poetic little friends alive into the…

Source: David Zinn “Dream Chalk Creatures” – Street Art 360


Love these, check the link above…

Cheers, Andrea

Facebook’s ban on Charles Blackman nude artwork attacked as ‘living in the 1950s’ | Culture | The Guardian

women lovers charles blackman

Melbourne art auction house Mossgreen says refusal to allow post featuring artwork Women Lovers is ‘ridiculous’

Source: Facebook’s ban on Charles Blackman nude artwork attacked as ‘living in the 1950s’ | Culture | The Guardian


Check the link above for more on the story.

Cheers, Andrea