Street Art Is a Period. Period. Or the Emergence of Intermural Art

PART I What’s in a name? Let’s start off with a clear contention. Street Art, as I see it, is a period. Period. It is today just one of the many sub-groups housed within the larger category of Art, a period

Source: Street Art Is a Period. Period. Or the Emergence of Intermural Art


The link above, worth a read.

Andrea LaHue
Random Act


2 thoughts on “Street Art Is a Period. Period. Or the Emergence of Intermural Art

  1. Thanks Andrea, Interesting read. As a late-comer to “street art” I find myself drawn to what is described as neo-muralism but am reminded almost daily how complicated the relationship is between art and our cities and am concerned by the potential for art being weaponized by developers less interested in cultural context than quick profit.

    The scenefromthesidewalk blog grew out of a personal book project that I’d still like to see through to at least a one-off “Proof of Concept” printing, but am increasingly convinced that in an otherwise pretty shallow piece, at the very least I need a Foreword that addresses the relationship between art and city and puts the pretty pictures into some kind of context. If I can pull together such a conversation sometime this Fall is that something you might be interested in participating in, and perhaps even willing to have a preliminary conversation about what might make it most effective?

    In either case, love your work and appreciate all you’ve done to advocate for and provide opportunities for artists. Would be very interested in hearing when you’re going to be out painting at some point so I could perhaps introduce myself and take a few photos of your work. |


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