Donald Trump, Captured 6 Ways — NYMag


The GOP candidate has inspired a lot of art.  (artwork by William Powhida)

Source: Donald Trump, Captured 6 Ways — NYMag


It is a natural reaction for an artist, or someone who thinks with an artist’s mind, to have thoughts about their communities, countries and the world at large.  Much art has been made as a commentary or necessity to purge the natural bile some politicians invoke.  In the article they speak of Warhol and the trouble his Nixon image caused, as well as Illma Gore and how her artwork has invoked violence in all manners against her by Trump and his followers. Note in history what politicians have taken aim at artists.

In terms of art and politics, I think of Shepard Fairey, he inspired hope. Can you see his Obama Hope artwork in your mind’s eye?

There are evocative artworks being created by Artists for Bernie Sanders, linked here.  It is an interesting juxtaposition.  And then there was the bird….


Andrea LaHue aka Random Act



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