#EarthdayStreet2015 #WaterLove2015

earthdaystreet ps logo#EarthdayStreet2015 Project

Anyone can participate in this simple idea.  Make a piece of earth and or water inspired art, place it outside, take a picture, upload it to Instagram or social media and use the hashtag #earthdaystreet2015 and #waterlove2015.

Join us Sunday, April 18th through April 26, 2015 to celebrate Earth Day with our #earthdaystreet2015 project, as over 50 Street Artists across Southern California and beyond will be painting “earth” themed murals, with a shout out to WATER and hash tagging their photo’s “‪#‎earthdaystreet2015 and #waterlove2015.

For the second year in a row, Andrea LaHue aka Random Act has asked artists and nature lovers to find legal walls and spaces to paint or put up their nature and water inspired pieces and link into the community, via (but not limited to) the hashtags: #earthdaystreet2015 and #waterlove2015.  Random Act projects has partnered with Jason Ostro of the Gabba Gallery, as The StreetArt Brokerage Firm to help facilitate the event.

Following last year’s #earthdaystreet2014 project templet and transformative success, (check out http://easyinstagram.com/earthdaystreet2014)   there are several areas with walls organized in Los Angeles, California and Reno, Nevada.

Artists will be painting in Los Angeles the weekend of the 18th and 19th with a creative community atmosphere welcoming all visitors to stop by and enjoy the spirit of creative transformation, encouraged to join in by uploading their own images with the same hashtags, thereby entering into the creative community.

The celebration continues in Reno, Nevada, the following weekend, April 25th and 26th with Street Artists from Los Angeles joining the Reno Artists and city of Reno, in two locations, to celebrate Earth Day, with the same hashtags uniting the community.

Here’s a link for our T-shirt campaign: https: http://www.booster.com/earthdaystreet2015painttravelfund

This non-profit, 501c3 endeavor is not a corporate sponsored event, rather, for the people and by the people.  Donations for paint and travel can be made, earmarked for #earthdaystreet2015 project via Andrea LaHue aka Random Act’s Fractured Atlas account linked here: https://www.fracturedatlas.org/site/fiscal/profile?id=8375 Artist are donating their time and expertise and whatever supplies and travel we are unable to cover.  A t-shirt campaign will be launched April 7th, 2015, to help facilitate the event.

In Los Angeles, Smile South Central’s Adam Ayala(@che_2a) will be curating an area in South Central near 48th and Crenshaw, artists will be painting the 18th and 19th of April, collaborating with his Smile South Central Project, celebrating a year of transformation in this neighborhood of Los Angeles.

In “Silver Lake Adjacent,” Filipino Town, otherwise known as The Gabba Arts District, around 3125 Beverly in Los Angeles, California, Artist  Jason Ostro, owner of The Gabba Gallery (@thegabbagallery) and partner in the StreetArt Brokerage Firm (@theStreetArtBrokerageFirm), is curating another #AlleyProject, dedicated to Earth and Water themes, joining in the project and furthering the beautification and rejuvenation of this area.  The artist will be painting there April 18th and 19th, 2015.

The community is invited to watch the painting process, interact with the artists and contribute their pictures to the #earthdaystreet2015 community, on April 18th and 19th.

On April 25th and 26th, Artists Andrea LaHue aka Random Act, Rich Van Gogh of Liberty Fine Art Gallery, Pan Pantoja of Reno Art Works and Eric Brooks from Art Spot Reno will welcome international street artists up to Reno curating walls at 115 West Liberty, across from Liberty Fine Art Gallery and at Reno Art Works. Artists will also join in at the Reno Earth Day Celebration on the 26th of April with the community in Idelwild Park and contribute to the honoring and celebration of Mother Earth.

Participating Artists in Reno:

Pan Pantoja

Joe Rock @joecrocks

Bryce Chisholm @abcartattack

Andrea LaHue aka Random Act @AndreaLaHue

Jason Ostro @JasonOstro

MD MN @mdmn

Pastey Whyte

Clinton Bopp

Moncho1929 @Moncho1929

Jennifer Korsen @humansmakeart (May 8)

Septerhed @Septerhed (May 8)

Bandit @BanditStreetArt (May 8)

Sketchy @sketchyart


Participating Artists in LA:


Jules Muck @muckrock @julesmuck

Rene Gagnon @renegagnon

Peter Greco @petergrecoart

Phil Santos @pholsantosart

Pan Pantoja http://www.renoartworks.org/our-artist/pan-pantoja/

Joe Rock @joecrocks

Bryce Chisholm @abcartattack

Jason Ostro @JasonOstro

Septerhed @Septerhed

MD MN @mdmn

LoudLabs @loudlabs

Andrea LaHue aka Random Act @andrealahue

Jennifer Korsen @humansmakeart


South Central:

Bandit @BanditStreetArt

wild life

Moncho1929 @Moncho1929

Phobik @phobikgod

Clinton Bopp @clintonbopp

_syntek_ @_syntek_

The above lists are still coming together.


Here is a link to the facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/earthdaystreet2015/

Please feel free to join the group for immediate updates, community building and idea sharing.

Artists from all over the world can be listed as virtual participants by emailing TheStreetArtBrokerageFirm@gmail.com with “#earthdaystreet2015artist” in the subject line. Please include your name, address of your wall and website.

Artists, please email TheStreetArtBrokerageFirm@gmail.com with “permission slip” in the subject line for a downloadable document you can have signed by the leaseholder or building owner, so you are legally protected.

Cities, neighborhoods, galleries, leaseholder or building owners who would like to be involved please email TheStreetArtBrokerageFirm@gmail.com with “#earthdaystreet2015 paint here” in the subject line.


Who: Anyone can participate virtually.  Artists and Community can participate in person!

What: #EarthdayStreet2015: An Earth Day Inspired Community Art Project with #WaterLove2015

Why: To honor and celebrate Mother Earth and bring awareness to her Water, build community, uplift, inspire and beautify the surroundings.

When: April 18 and 19 2015 in Los Angeles, CA and April 25 and 26 2015 in Reno, NV

Where: Worldwide Virtually, anytime.   April 18-19, 2015 in 2 locations of Los Angeles, CA and in two locations April 25-26 Reno, NV


Virtually: create a piece of art celebrating the earth it’s water, create it or take it outside, take a picture, upload to social media with #earthdaystreet2015 and #waterlove2015.  @thestreetartbrokeragefirm on Instagram and @streetartbrkr on twitter

As a Group: find some walls needing attention, get permission to paint from the owner/lease holder, create, take pictures, upload to social media with hashtag #earthdaystreet2015 and #waterlove2015 @thestreetartbrokeragefirm on Instagram and @streetartbrkr on twitter

As a Community Member/Spectator: follow @streetartbrkr on twitter and @TheStreetArtBrokerageFirm on Instagram and search the hashtags #earthdaystreet2015 and #waterlove2015  or come on out to one of the locations in Los Angeles California or Reno Nevada and join in on the fun.


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