Don’t Frack L.A.

Don't Frack L.A. image by Andrea LaHue aka Random Act
Don’t Frack L.A. image by Andrea LaHue aka Random Act
Don't F***K L.A. Random Act
Don’t F***K L.A. Random Act

Feel free to use the images above to drive the point of No Fracking in Los Angeles.

I received the below email from the Sierra Club today.  They are not covering this very important issue on any of the local news stations.  But today, at 2:30, the vote about a moratorium on Fracking in Los Angeles is on.

Let these representatives know how you feel about fracking in L.A.

Mitchell Englander (City Council District 12) – (213) 473-7012 @Mitch_Englander
Gil Cedillo (City Council District 1) – (213) 473-7001 @gilcedillo 

From: Sierra Club – Angeles Chapter <>

Date: Tue, Feb 25, 2014 at 12:04 PM
Subject: CHEERS – Please No More Fracking Phone Calls Today, Please Go To the 2:30 pm Hearing at LA City Hall Rm. 350
To: Sierra Club – Angeles Chapter <>


You responded in great numbers yesterday and today with phone calls to Council members Mitchell Englander and Gil Cedillo about the Fracking Moratorium!We have made our point about community support, and now ask you to stop further phone calls at this time.
Please attend the 2:30 pm PLUM Committee Hearing today instead.  See meeting and parking information below.__________________________________________________
This Tuesday we need you to help us take a big step towards a moratorium on fracking in the City of Los Angeles.  Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” has become an important and timely environmental and community issue for the City of Los Angeles.  Fracking imperils human health and safety, our air and water quality, local wildlife, increases the risk of earthquakes, and contributes to climate change.  This is especially true in a dense urban environment where residents live in close proximity to oil fields and where water conservation is critically important;
The Los Angeles Fracking Moratorium was introduced last September by Councilmembers Paul Koretz and Mike Bonin.  A second motion was introduced last week by Councilmembers Jose Huizar and Bernard Parks asking for a review of LA City codes as it pertains to fracking. This weekend, the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter’s Fracking Committee voted to endorse both motions, asking that they be combined to provide an immediate moratorium and suspension of fracking activities in the City of Los Angeles.Both motions been scheduled for their first vote this Tuesday, February 25th at 2:30 p.m. at LA City Hall in room 350. This committee, the Planning & Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee, will decide whether the moratorium moves forward to the full city council. There are three council members on the PLUM Committee who will decide the fate of the moratorium. Jose Huizar already supports the motions, we need you to call the other two council members to ensure that these motions pass!
Pleasecome to Room 350 at LA City Hall this Tuesday, February 25th at 2:30 p.m.  Bring “DON’T FRACK LA!” signs, Sierra Club banners and let your voice be heard!Directions:


Come early so you have time to go thru security on Main Street. – under the pedestrian overpass connecting with City Hall East

Go thru security ID reqd.-First flr  (Coffee shop on 2nd Flr)
Take any elevator to 3rd flr, turn to the rotundum side – west from elevator, turn right from the rotundum, go to first hall on left – go to the end of the hall = Roybal Rm 350Here are links to parking: public transportation to City Hall:

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